Return Policy

Limited Warranty
Under conditions of normal usage, Marietta Furniture Outlet will repair any defect in workmanship within 90 days of date of purchase. The customer must return the merchandise to the store where purchased. Any expense associated in returning the merchandise is the sole responsibility of the customer. Limited warranty does not apply to “AS-IS” or floor model items. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original bill of sale

All bedding from Marietta Furniture Outlet, Inc is sold “AS-IS” with no warranty (unless otherwise noted). Occasionally, a manufacturer may offer a warranty that we will pass on. Said warranty must be noted on the invoice to be considered qualified. Per the manufacturer, qualified bedding will be excluded from all warranties if the mattress is stained in any way or the law label is missing.

Tie-Down Assistance
As a courtesy, at no charge and upon the customer’s request, Marietta Furniture Outlet employee will assist the customer in securing merchandise on or in the customer’s vehicle. The customer accepts any and all responsibility for damage or injury that may occur.

Return/Cancellation Policy
There are no refunds. Merchandise may be returned to the store within 30 days of the purchase (excluding mattresses). Merchandise must be in its original packing and have no damage. A 15% restocking fee will be charged and a store credit will be issued in the amount of the balance. All returns/cancellations must be accompanied by the original sales order.

AS-IS Policy
All items marks “AS-IS” are final sales (no warranty, no returns, no-layaway)

Special Order Policy
Special orders require a 50% deposit at the time of purchase. It may take as long as 6 weeks for a special order to arrive at the store. If the customer cancels a special order, a fee of 50% of the purchase price will be charged to the customer. Once the special order arrives at the store the customer has 10 days to pay the balance due. If the customer does not pay the balance as required, the merchandise will be returned to the manufacturer and the cancellation fee will apply.

Holding Merchandise
After a purchase has been paid for, Marietta Furniture Outlet will hold the merchandise for 30 days at no charge. After 30 days, a storage fee of $5.00 per day will be charged.

Layaway Requirements
Marietta Furniture Outlet will “layaway/price hold” merchandise. A monthly payment of 10% of the balance is required to keep the layaway active. Please call at least 14 days in advance of your layaway pick-up to ensure that your merchandise is brought to our store from the warehouse. If a scheduled payment is not made, the layaway is cancelled.

Layaway Cancellations and Changes
There are no refunds. If the customer cancels the layaway, a $50 fee will be charged and the customer will be issued a store credit for the balance. If the customer changed and active layaway, a $25 fee will be charged. Store credit will not be issued for cancelled layaways with no activity in 12 months

Delivery Service
Marietta Furniture Outlet’s delivery service is completed by company employees who are insured, bonded and licensed. Marietta Furniture Outlet is NOT responsible for damage that may occur to a customer’s walls or personal items in their home. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare their home for the delivery. Clear paths and open spaces for the new merchandise are mandatory. It is the customer’s responsibility to measure their doorways, steps and hallways and room size to ensure that the merchandise they purchased will fit in the location they want it delivered. Marietta Furniture Outlet employees will not move the customer’s personal property. Should the customer not be prepared for the delivery, the delivery will be rescheduled and an additional fee will be charged.